The LAVCH regrets to announce that one of its long term members died recently. His long term friend and LAVCH treasurer writes: I have known Peter Benson for over 50 years. We joined the Community Council of Lancashire Village Halls Committee when it was run as a sub-committee. We have attended most of the meetings all over the county. Peter Benson was also Chairman of the Best Kept Village competition. His activities in Warton are legendary. He was a Governor of St Pauls Primary School and a Magistrate for a short time. He was very active as a member of St Pauls C of E Church serving as a warden and member of all its committees. We worked together when he was the long-time treasurer and booking secretary for Warton Village Hall. It is only now, with his passing, that the people of Warton Village have begun to fully realise how much, by his activity, he contributed to their parish. The LAVCH wishes to send to his wife and family our deepest sympathy and prayers.

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Welcome to LAVCH

A Village and Community Halls Association has been established within the country, in one form or another, for some 27 years. During that time LAVCH has worked closely in partnership with Community Futures, Lancashire and other county based voluntary sector agencies and organisations, together with Lancashire County Council and all district and Unitary Authorities.

The Association aims to:

  • Provide information, advice and support to the management committees of all member charitable halls and community centres within the Palatine County of Lancashire
  • Represent halls to local authorities & other decision makers
  • Promote and publicise halls within the county and beyond
  • Represent halls at regional and national forums

Benefits of membership

  1. Free general advisory service for hall management committees, backed by the County Halls advisor at Community Futures, Lancashire and ACRE (the national body: Action with Communities in Rural England).
  2. Detailed Briefings and Workshops on all general information and legislation affecting halls, including changes as they occur.
  3. Co-ordinated action to protect & promote the interests of halls at local, regional and national levels.
  4. Provide access to hall information sheets and related publications produced by the Association and ACRE.
  5. Publicity and advertising of member halls through the production & dissemination of the Association Halls Directory.
  6. Contact with other members from a wide range of Hall Management Committees, sharing experience & working in partnership.